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Pastels Salon Dubai

How did we help a beauty salon chain in Dubai increase client acquisition via digital channels and bump up new client revenue by AED 4 million?

Pastels Salon (www.pastels-salon.com) is a high-end hair salon with two locations in Dubai: one in Jumeirah Al Wasl and the other at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, JBR. Despite their prime locations and high-quality services, Pastels Salon struggled to reach and attract new clients via their digital channels. Their existing approach (back in 2018) was fragmented and disconnected. We, along with Bam.B and Cara PR, introduced an all-new digital marketing strategy, creative strategy, and public relations (PR) strategy. This consolidated and well-oiled effort resulted in substantial gains for our clients.


Before working with Slipstream.agency, Pastels Salon had a scattered approach to their digital marketing, online advertising, and PR efforts. They worked in silos with no central communication plan for different tasks, which resulted in inconsistent messaging and a lack of coordination. This fragmented approach was hindering their ability to reach a wider audience and grow their business.


To address these challenges, Pastels Salon decided to consolidate their digital marketing, online advertising, and PR efforts with one team comprised of specialists in marketing, creative, and PR. Slipstream.Agency's partnership with Bam.B and Cara PR, combined with our overall teams' expertise in the beauty and luxury industries, made us the ideal choice for Pastels Salon.


We worked with Pastels Salon to develop a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy that included SEO, social media management, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, creative planning, photo and video content, and reputation management. We also helped Pastels Salon optimize their website for various search engines and improve their online presence by creating engaging and relevant content for their social media channels. In addition, Slipstream.agency developed and executed a PR campaign that highlighted Pastels Salon's unique offerings and positioned them as a leader in the high-end hair salon industry.


The results of consolidating their digital marketing, online advertising, and PR efforts were exceptional. Over the course of four years, from 2018 to 2022, Pastels Salon saw significant growth in their new client acquisition via digital channels and a substantial growth in sales revenue, which increased from AED 0 to AED 4 million for customers acquired ONLY via digital channels. Monthly organic traffic increased from negligible levels to approximately 4,200 visitors per month on average. Total monthly conversions increased from zero to over 800 conversions a month. Engagement on social channels was over 10% on average, and PR coverage saw them mentioned in some of the largest publications in the Middle East.

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