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Hala Heavy

How did a Heavy Machinery Distributor go from 0 online enquires a month to over 2,400 enquires a month in just 2 years? Oh, and an eCommerce site to sell forklifts!

Based in the vibrant heart of the United Arab Emirates, Hala Heavy Equipment boasts a rich 25-year history in the heavy machinery industry. Despite its established legacy, the company recognized the pressing need for a digital evolution. Their vision included digitizing sales and marketing efforts, broadening their audience base, and spotlighting their top-tier heavy equipment products, particularly forklifts.


Hala Heavy faced an array of challenges that echoed the silent struggle of low online visibility, paltry website traffic, and the elusive generation of leads. To tackle these obstacles head-on, they partnered with Slipstream.Agency, a team renowned for transforming businesses digitally. Drawing upon their expertise, the agency embarked on the creation of the UAE's pioneering online forklift and heavy equipment marketplace.


To conquer these hurdles, a comprehensive 360-degree digital strategy was crafted: Revamped Digital Hub: A sleek, mobile-friendly website that beckons exploration. Mastery of Search: Dominating search engine results through robust SEO. Precision Advertising: Highly-targeted advertising campaigns yielding optimal conversions. B2B Engagement: Crafting potent strategies to resonate with businesses. Creative Brilliance: Showcasing brand essence and product value creatively. Insights & Empowerment: Delivering actionable reporting for empowered sales endeavors.


Slipstream.Agency's UI/UX designers conjured an intuitive digital haven, marked by user-friendliness and a contemporary aesthetic. With meticulous search engine optimization, the platform emerged as a star in search results, illuminating Hala's offerings. Seamlessly integrated secure payment gateways amplified the customer experience, culminating in a thriving eCommerce space. The marketing blend found resonance, propelling Hala Heavy into the limelight and amplifying leads and sales.


The launch of Hala's online marketplace in 2019 was an instant triumph. A flood of customers, previously concealed, flocked to the virtual aisles, yielding both direct and indirect sales. Monthly website traffic surged from a trickle to an impressive 40,000 users, with SEO, search ads, display ads, and social media playing harmoniously. Hala Heavy conquered the heavy equipment rental sector, ascending as the undisputed leader. Unlocking the Power of Keywords Hala's organic presence skyrocketed on competitive keywords, surpassing even paid advertisements. This led to a whopping average of 5,500 inquiries monthly via phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and contact forms. Fast forward to 2023, and the online marketplace continues to flourish, breathing life into a previously untapped frontier. A trailblazer, Hala Heavy inspired peers in the industry to emulate its journey, although none have matched its triumphs.

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