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Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic, situated in the heart of Al Wasl, Jumeirah, emerged as a premium destination for aesthetic treatments. In an era where social media wields unprecedented influence in brand awareness and lead generation, a robust online presence became a necessity. The clinic, initially with a modest online footprint and a basic website, recognized the pressing need for an active social media strategy.


Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic's initial goals encompassed heightened visibility, fortified trust-building, and a steady influx of leads. The aim was to position themselves as industry leaders and a trusted choice for aesthetic solutions. The clinic grappled with limited content views and low engagement rates, resulting in inadequate results concerning awareness and lead generation. With a follower count below 500, their social media efforts remained largely unseen, thereby failing to generate substantial leads or foster significant brand recognition.


Identifying strategy gaps, our agency conducted a thorough industry and competitive analysis, revealing resonant content trends and differentiation opportunities. In revamping the strategy, we focused efforts on visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase aesthetic transformations. Diversified content highlighted a spectrum of services and exclusive offerings, while the expertise of medical professionals underscored quality. Elevating the narrative through high-quality visuals, including meticulously produced before-and-after content, added an elegant touch.


The first step was to devise a content strategy. We introduced a content calendar and categorised the posts and stories into service showcases, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the clinic, and testimonials from past and current patients of the clinic. The next step was to improve the posting schedule and frequency, with a blend of educational, engaging, and promotional content being posted across social media platforms multiple times a week. Leveraging our PR efforts, we secured features in renowned publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The National, and Emirates Woman, reinforcing the clinic's credibility. The backbone of the strategy was the power of visual content. By creating visually captivating Instagram reels and posts we offered immersive insights into the clinic's environment and services, building anticipation and trust among the audience.


Implemented over 6 months, the new strategy started showing consistent results and established a lasting partnership with the clinic that spanned years. The clinic's social media presence achieved substantial growth, exceeding 20,000 followers across platforms, and notably boosting the awareness about the clinic and lead generation. Beyond the quantitative milestones, the strategy brought about a qualitative shift in brand perception. Emerging as an aesthetic authority, the clinic became the preferred choice among potential clients.

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